Intelligent Sensors for the next
generation of precision agriculture

optimize productivity tree by tree, fruit by fruit

Continuous Automatic Monitoring
of the orchard’s yield and health

The LeafSense technology combines Artificial Intelligence and Smart Sensors to enable
Precision Agriculture in the fruticulture, optimizing productivity and reducing costs.

LeafSense Benefits


Economy on Agrochemical's
application. Cost savings and less
environmental footprint


Application of the exact
amount, at the right place


Fruits kept on the tree until
the best harvest time


Continuous monitoring
of the plant’s life


Up-to-date information for
quick management decision


Increased reach for
the agronomist

Leafsense sensors scout through
the orchard, analyzing every tree

100% orchard monitoring

Normal operating speed

Without human intervention

Compatible with all commercially
available agricultural machines

Advanced diagnostics algorithms
and forecasting models

High-resolution imagery is blended with climate, soil and farm management data.

Resulting in detailed information on the evolution and health of orchards.

Agronomists can teach the system, making predictions increasingly accurate.

Up-to-date information
anytime and anywhere

• High-resolution images of the trees
• Maturation curve
• Average fruit size
• Indication of fruits on the ground

• Distribution of tree heights
• Canopy volume
• Absent tree and vine covering detection
• Blossoming rate and flower presence

• Anomaly and deficiencies detections
• Temporal evolution of the metrics and indicators
• Comparison between planting parcels, dates and farms


Spot orchard imbalances
easily with heatmaps and
overlapping indicators

Fruits on the ground
Tree height/ absent trees
Canopy volume
Presence of flowers
Anomaly and diseases

Access to actionable
information in one click

Quickly view specific regions of the farm on the map, look at the detailed images, compare and access temporal evolution of the areas.

Agronomists can scout through entire farms, comparing characteristics and historical data, to diagnose problems and replicate best practices.


New paradigm for
Pest and Disease Control


Continuous Monitoring

Eliminates conventional inspections. No more human subjectivity

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Sensors

Spot anomalies before they become perceptible to the human eye

Early Detection

Reduces losses caused by diseases and helps to avoid disease spreading





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